Student Reading Challenge

Every year at the end of January, Birch Meadow Elementary School introduces a reading challenge to their students. Each year it is a different theme with different reading goals. This year's reading incentive theme is SCORE WITH BOOKS! During our school’s four week READ ACROSS AMERICA challenge, we hope all of our students will try to win some reading "games" by spending time reading some wonderful books.


Easy Steps to SCORE WITH BOOKS at Home!

Our school will have a competitive atmosphere this year as students become "players" scoring minutes reading books. After students read the assigned total number of minutes required by their grade level SCORE WITH BOOKS Reading Log and turn it in to the library, their scorecard (at school) will indicate their progress by finishing a "period" of reading. After completing four "periods", a game is over. Three games worth of reading completes the "player's" scorecard.

More simply stated:
  • 1 Reading Log = 1 "Period" of Reading
  • 4 "Periods" of Reading = 1 Game Finished
  • 3 Finished Games = 1 Completed Scorecard


Keeping Score at School with SCORECARDS

With a sports theme, each student's reading progress will be recorded on an official scorecard like the one above. A metal ring will hold all the scorecards of the "players" in a classroom. The 19 classroom scorecard rings will hang on hooks attached to the display case in the school foyer, identified by a teacher "team" label. Parent volunteers will be updating the scorecards every Tuesday and Friday during the reading challenge.
PLEASE NOTE: Score keeping does have a "lag time" so reading logs turned in the day before a scheduled update may not be recorded until the next update session.

Goal of the Challenge

During the four week challenge, reading "players" try to finish as many games as possible. A motivated "player" who completes all three games has their scorecard signed off by the "principal scorekeeper" and the "player" is designated as an "All Star Reader". The "player" then continues reading and a new scorecard is started. It will even be possible for very motivated "players" to be named to the school's "All Star Reader" team more than once.